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YB Green's Story

YB Green®: Beginnings

YB Green® is a contemporary glass jewelry brand that collects and upcycles glass into unique pieces of jewelry. YB Green was originally founded in 2009 by Yasmin Bowers in the 9th Ward of New Orleans to raise awareness that since Hurricane Katrina, the City stopped and still doesn’t recycle glass. I started ‘glass picking’ and ‘glass collecting’ from the street, restaurants, markets, and neighbors. I collected bottles, washed them, found a mentor to work with, and trained for about 6 months until I created enough jewelry to launch YB Green. Though YB Green was created to address an environmental issue, the brand has grown to stand out by elevating glass jewelry and accessories.

YB Green®: The Mission

YB Green’s mission is to continue to highlight different stories and different communities throughout the world by recycling glass from these places. In 2013, I traveled to Germany and the Netherlands to see how similar communities were using a stressful situation as an opportunity to make their communities better. I created a European Collection called “Halle” using glass from abandoned properties in the blighted city of Halle in eastern Germany. I was reminded of my post-Katrina experience in New Orleans in that many organizations and artists are using these empty buildings as opportunities to create new housing and beautiful murals that are helping to redevelop the city. YB Green will always be rooted in New Orleans—I am a Tulane Alum and I often collect glass when I visit my mom. However, now I’ve added other branches—first Halle, next Washington, DC. Most important to me is that your purchase supports recycling in communities that are not able to recycle or communities that are mobilizing to improve their environment.

YB Green®: Values

Exceptional Quality

Our collection is nickel-free and lead free, handmade from the first step of ‘glass picking’ to melting and designing the glass, silver, brass, or copper. We work in small batches to guaranty that each piece of jewelry is one-of-a-kind, unique and personal. Because I work extremely hard, all designs seen on this website are a trademark of YB Green not to be copied.

Great value

We offer affordable handcrafted luxuries at competitive price-points between $30-$250 USD.

Wide variety

We offer a variety of looks including everyday comfort pieces, special occasion pieces, and statement pieces.

Social responsibility

Each piece of YB Green jewelry reminds you of the community where the glass was collected, and how your support contributes toward recycling. In addition to recycling, YB Green supports various non-profit organizations: Alzheimer’s Association for my grandmother, STEM for Success, Consciously Rebuilding, Environmentors, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

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